What To Know About Headaches

There is a lot that even experts don't completely understand about headaches, but if you are someone who suffers from them some of the information outlined below can be of help. But to learn much more about headaches and how they can be treated you can turn to Magnolia Comfort Medical with Dr. Kevin Le in Norcross, GA.

Not All Headaches Are Created Equal

From tension headaches to migraines and cluster headaches, although they all result in a headache they can vary in terms of severity and what causes them.

Tension headache

Tension headaches are perhaps the most common type of headache and are often a result of stress.


Migraines are often chronic and can last for days at a time, they are considered a more severe type of headache that can be triggered by environmental factors.

Cluster headache 

Named cluster headaches because they can manifest in clusters, occurring during a period of time before vanishing again for months, they are also considered one of the most painful types of headaches.

Cervicogenic headache

A type of headache that is often difficult to pin down, and that's because the pain actually originates from your neck, so look out for neck stiffness or discomfort that can accompany your headache.


Common Headache Triggers

Stress and anxiety are common causes of headaches, as well as loud noises, bright lights, and other external stimuli can contribute to migraines. Monitoring closely what causes your headaches to come on can help you and your doctor find ways to prevent them.

Posture is Important

A bad posture, especially if you sit at a desk for many hours, can put extra stress on your neck and could lead to vertebra misalignment, a common cause for recurring headaches.

Painkillers Can Help

Over-the-counter painkillers can certainly help with headaches but you should be wary if you find yourself over-relying on them. They do not address the source of the problem, they provide only temporary relief for passing headaches, and taking too much of them can have adverse health reactions.

Other Types of Headaches

Headaches are not restricted to the types mentioned above, they could be caused by dental problems like teeth clenching or TMJ, perhaps a sinus infection, or rarely, a severe brain condition. Let a visit to your doctor take the guessing work out of your headache.

Your Norcross, GA, Chiropractor Can Help Treat Your Headaches

With chiropractic alignments and physical therapy and many other means at their disposal, your doctor can help you both manage the symptoms of discomfort as well as treat the underlying cause.

If you’re ready to eliminate your headaches without medication or surgery, call Magnolia Comfort Medical, LLC in Norcross, GA at (470) 545-0275, or book an appointment online today.