How Physiotherapy Can Help You

Have you ever felt pain that plainly won't go away? Or did you suffered an injury that left you with reduced movement and flexibility? These two issues is are problematic in many ways. But, here at Magnolia Comfort Medical, LLC in Norcross, our chiropractor offers a science-based method that can rejuvenate your health and movement. This is called physiotherapy. While it sounds like something new, it, in reality, isn't, and many doctors and therapists use physiotherapy to manage all sorts of conditions and injuries. Here is more information about it.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a profession that uses approaches like awareness, education, exercise, manual therapy, and advice to improve a person’s well-being and health. In times when we injure our body or suffer from an illness, our movement and function becomes affected, sometimes leaving us with disabilities. But with physiotherapy, it restores range of motion and function as well as speeds up the healing process.

Anyone can benefit from physiotherapy, and it can improve conditions related to the neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. It is one of the many reasons why our chiropractor in Norcross offers this service to his patients.

Difference in Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy

In many ways, physical therapy and physiotherapy are the same. For example, they both have the same goal in treating a person’s injuries or sickness. Where they differ is the techniques they offer. Physiotherapy uses modalities of ultrasound, laser, dry needles, TENS, interferential current stimulation, massage, stretching, and joint manipulation. Physical therapy uses methods of ice and heat, exercise, manual therapy, soft-tissue mobilization, and e-stim.

What To Expect

During your appointment with a physiotherapist, you will be asked several questions about your pain, injury, and health. Also, the therapist will ask you to conduct a few movement and strength tests. After your assessment, the physiotherapist will conclude a diagnosis and will develop a treatment plan for you that will include your goals. Each session can last from 30 to 60 minutes, and might require several follow-up appointments to ensure your pain ceases.

If you're unable to withstand any more pain and you are seeking non-invasive treatment, then give us at Magnolia Comfort Medical in Norcross a call today to book a session with our chiropractor. We care about your health, and we want to help you. Our number is 470-545-0275.